UFC President Dana White had made it abundantly clear that he is hoping to book a rematch between undefeated Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor later this year. Their first clash ended in utter chaos, but White knows a good business opportunity when he sees one, and he believes Khabib-Conor II could set a UFC record for most pay-per-view buys.

Assuming Khabib successfully defends his title against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 on April 18, fight fans should get to witness the highly anticipated rematch. That said, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones doesn't expect the outcome to be any different.

Harry How/Getty Images

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Jones explained why he'd put his money on "The Eagle" to retain the belt.

“I typically don’t go against wrestlers, if you were asking me as a betting man. Wrestlers have the power to dictate where the fight goes – whether it’s going to be a standing match, or whether he’s going to take him to the ground and make it a jiu-jitsu match. I think the cards are always kind of in Khabib’s hands. Conor definitely has a chance. But if I would put my money on it, I’m definitely going with Khabib, for sure.”

Despite all the chatter of a potential record-breaking rematch, Khabib and his team maintain that they're wholly uninterested in granting McGregor a rematch, even if it were for $100 million.