One of the most talked-about speeches from last night's Golden Globes was delivered by Meryl Streep upon accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award. The main takeaway from the speech was Streep's implication of President-elect Donald Trump and the appalling example he set when he mocked a disabled reporter in late 2015. It so happens that she also made a comment that offended fans of mixed martial arts as well as UFC President Dana White. 

"So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners," said Streep, seemingly intending to unite her fellow actors against Trump's potentially xenophobic policies. "And if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts." 

Trump responded to Streep's censure of him by calling her "one of Hollywood's most over-rated actresses." In addressing Streep not accepting mixed martial arts as a true art form, White responded similarly to Trump -- albeit not on Twitter, referring to the 67-year-old actress as "an uppity 80-year-old lady." 

Calling into TMZ Sports, he explained that he doesn't expect "an uppity, 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts." Unlike Trump, he did not insult Streep's acting skills, though he seems to imply that Streep's comments on MMA are somewhat akin to Trump's tweet about her being overrated. "Saying something stupid like that is like saying she's not a talented actress, which she is," says White. 

"Of course it's an art," he affirms of the brutal spectacle that takes place within the UFC Octagon. 

White happens to be close friends with Trump, and he spoke in support of the soon-to-be President at the Republican National Convention last summer.