Matt Serra is one of the storied Welterweights in the short history of the UFC, but I reckon this drunk patron didn't recognize what he was up against. The retired MMA fighter was visiting the Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino a night before he was scheduled for induction in the UFC Hall of Fame. What was supposed to be a downcast evening went haywire soon as an inebriated individual started hassling the Grand Cafe employees. Enter Matt Serra: a decorated MMA fighter trained in the art of submission.

As you can see, Matt Serra found a way on top of the drunk patron, what they refer to in MMA as the "ground and pound" exit strategy. His opponent in no position to utter threats, kept telling the MMA legend, "I'm gonna f*ck you up." Serra held on long enough for Casino security to flood the scene and take over.

Watch as regular patrons continue their conversations while Serra takes center stage in the middle aisle of the coffee shop. You get the impression Serra still has an itch for combat, but knowing the repercussions holds back with complete serenity, even telling the buzzard it was going to be okay in matter of minutes. Serra compared the excitement before his Hall of Fame speech to a weekend at Bernie's, judging by the women passed out on a sectional, and the cause for alarm.