Saturday night, fighters Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee descended upon Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena to compete for the interim lightweight title at UFC 216. Ferguson arrived into the match up with a record of 23-3 while Lee entered with a 16-3 record, and it would be in Round 3 that Ferguson would submit Lee in a triangle choke finish, forcing Lee to tap out at the 4:02 marker.

"This fight went exactly the way I wanted it to be,” Ferguson declared at the match’s end. “I wanted him to come out at me and use all that aggression and leave nothing left for that submission."

"I knew he was going to be slippery and I knew he was a game opponent and was going to be tough," he added. "I just knew I had to weather the storm and he was going to keep using that energy, so I pissed him off more so that he would use it."

Lee, who had actually struggled to make the weight cut, still managed to pull out a decent performance despite entering the Octagon on Saturday with a staph infection, as evidenced by a red blotch on his chest.

"The staph was bothering me throughout the weight cut," Lee said. "I damn near killed myself making the weight. I think it's time for me to go up [to welterweight]. The staph infection was a little too much for me to handle. I should've been on antibiotics but what can I say?”

"Tony was the better man tonight,” he added of his opponent. “Whatever I'm going through, don't take away from what he did. His bottom work, he's the man. I hope he goes out there and gets the job done."

All the while Ferguson had his mind on other things following his win, directing his energy toward Conor McGregor soon after, having less amicable words for the fighter. “Where are you at McNuggets? You fucking piece of shit. I'm going to kick your ass," Ferguson said in the microphone following his victory, challenging McGregor. "You better come and fucking defend that belt. Defend or vacate motherfucker.”

"It's my time and my belt,” he declared. “Come and get this shit.”

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