The ending of a relationship can cause people to do and say crazy things, but people are calling this college student's rant unacceptable. Days ago, a screenshot of a series of texts reportedly sent by cross country and track runner Chris Weiland were shared to an Instagram account dubbed "@ucla_is_racist." The texts are purportedly from Weiland to his then-girlfriend who, he learned, cheated on him with a Black man. In the messages, Weiland reportedly unleashes.

"You really cuffed a F*CKING BUM ASS N*GGER WITH NOTHING GOING FOR HIM," the text reads. "EVER. A BROKE ASS STUPID ASS N*GGER. you have no standards so who cares." Separately, there was a video that surfaced as well, but the person in the clip can't be seen. However, it's reported to be Weiland as he's on speakerphone explaining his relationship turmoil to a woman on the other end.

"When she said she didn't want to get back together, why do you think? It's cause she wants to be with this f*cking n*gger who has no future. She's going to be with a stupid n*gger who's going to be in community college his whole life," the man in the clip is heard saying. The woman tells him he can't speak about people using that language. "He probably lives in the f*cking ghetto," the man continued.

The controversy caused head coach Avery Anderson to release a statement, but that didn't quell the public's concerns. According to Anderson, he suspended Weiland indefinitely months ago after learning of the controversy but he was reinstated last month. "I now realize that the decision to reinstate him was not the right decision, and that the action today is best for the well-being of our team,” Anderson said in the statement announcing Weiland's permanent dismissal. "After team members and the athletic community expressed concern, it became clear that his continued involvement with the team is incompatible with the culture of mutual support and respect we’re fostering."

It's reported that Weiland enrolled at UCLA in 2019 and the Los Angeles Times states that these alleged incidents of racism occurred prior to his college career at the blue and gold-themed university.