Officials are conducting an extensive investigation into the fatal crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle back in March. They have now discovered that the female operator of the malfunctioning automobile was streaming The Voice on Hulu in the moments leading up to the accident.

The local police force in Tempe, AZ, are supposing that the debacle could have been avoided if the test driver had been paying close attention to her surroundings, effectively contradicting the prior belief that the incident was unavoidable. 

Records from the driver's Hulu account reveal that the individual in question had been watching the hit NBC singing competition for roughly 42 minutes before the crash commenced. Despite this new information surrounding the tragedy, officials are still deciding whether or not they will charge the driver. 

As a result, Arizona suspended Uber's self-driving vehicles from operating within the state: the company also launched an in-depth safety review in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.