Losing things in an Uber almost comes with the territory of using the popular transportation service, but some items reported in the company's 2020 Lost & Found Index are almost unbelievable.

Uber 2020 Lost & Found Index
Peter Summers/Getty Images

Uber's yearly report breaks down lost and found items into a handful of specific categories, including "Most Commonly Forgotten Items," "Most 'Forgetful' Cities" and "Most Unique Lost Items" to name a few. The commonly lost items are pretty obvious — phones, wallets and keys round out the top three in that order — and it isn't too surprising either that Texas and California inhabit some of the most forgetful people. However, the unique items lost is where things got quite interesting.

Take a look at 15 of the most unique lost items reported by Uber below:

  1. Mice for my pet snake to eat
  2. A specimen cup from the doctor’s office
  3. Husband’s CPAP sleep machine
  4. A cooler of breastmilk
  5. A six pack of *much* needed toilet paper
  6. One fake cosmetic tooth and a skin colored retainer
  7. An apron with the name tag “Kayla” from Krispy Kreme
  8. A cat paw print from the vet
  9. Keys with my dead dog’s dog tag with the name “Lucy” 
  10. Lanyard that says “virginity rocks”
  11. A boulder
  12. My wife’s weed
  13. Meat
  14. A bubble machine
  15. A purple suede weightlifting belt with blue stitching that says ‘FEARLESS’

Too wild! Read the full 2020 Uber Lost & Found Index report by clicking here and let us know some things you've lost in an Uber down below in the comments.