Uber's the talk of the town right now since the ride-sharing app is making serious moves to up it's service to riders. Apart from the fact that drivers are tricking the system to get more money from riders, Uber announced it's helicopter service from New York City to JFK Airport. The excitement of the new means of transportation was short lived when the first flight crashed into a high rise, killing the pilot. 

Still, Uber continues to roll out more moves since providing a closer look at Uber Elevate, the company's air taxi service that plans to roll out by 2023. The test flights were meant to take place in Los Angeles with a flight going to Dallas but things have now moved to Melbourne. “As major cities grow, the heavy reliance on private car ownership will not be sustainable… Uber Air holds enormous potential to help reduce road congestion," Eric Allison, global head of the company’s aviation division told CNN.

The practice flights will run between Melbourne's central business district to the city’s airport and are said to be 10 minutes by Uber Elevate, an hour less than the driving time. Watch a detailed look at the planes in both videos and let us know if you'd jump on one.