Tyson Fury won't be fighting in a rematch against Wladimir Klitschko on October 29th. In fact, it looks like the world heavyweight champ won't be fighting ever again.

Fury, who recently tested positive for cocaine and was declared "medically unfit to fight" against Klitschko, took to twitter this morning to bash the sport and announce his retirement. 

The 28-year old fighter is a perfect 25-0 in his bouts but he'll be stripped of his belts as a result of the failed drug test. Considering this is boxing, there's always a chance that this "retirement" is a work to build hype around a future fight, but for now it looks like Fury is seriously walking away from the sport. 

He also posted a video of a lawyer "telling the truth about" the rampant corruption in boxing, furthering speculation that this isn't just a ratings grab and that he's truly calling it quits. 

UPDATE: Tyson Fury admits he is a world class troll and that he'll be defending his title as soon as he's well again.