By now, everyone in the boxing world knows that Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder last night to retain his WBC Heavyweight belt. Fury is one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time, and last night, he proved that he can dominate against a fighter like Wilder, who is known for his devastating knockouts. In the end, it took Fury 11 rounds to knockout Wilder, although his performance was more than impressive.

The fight as a whole was truly amazing, and in the eyes of many, it is a classic bout that will forever be remembered for some key moments. In the clip below, you can find an alternate angle to that winning knockout.

Tyson Fury

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Prior to the fight, Drake gave some words of encouragement to Fury, saying “This is a video for the most psycho man that I know. He's mad in his head, but he has the purest heart, nicest guy. The Gypsy King, the scariest man in boxing." Of course, Drake is known for putting a curse on the athletes and teams that he supports, so it had some fans thinking that Fury would end up losing.

In the end, the opposite took place and fans were quick to take note of this on social media. In the tweets below, you can see numerous fans express their jubilation for Fury, noting that he finally broke the Drake curse. As it turns out, he also defeated the Versace curse, which was a known affliction in boxing.

Needless to say, Drake must have been a proud friend while watching the fight last night.