The Cleveland Cavaliers are firing on all cylinders right now, having won all five of their playoff games thus far, but there was a time during the regular season when they were so desperate for size that Tyronn Lue reached out to a retired, 40-year old Kevin Garnett. 

The Cavs head coach recently sat down with Dave McMenamin on ESPN's NBA Lockdown podcast, and discussed the conversation he had with KG during the regular season.

Per Bleacher Report, Lue said,

"I was like, 'Man, you should come back and play for me.' He was like, 'Man, you all have a lot going on over there. That was before we hit our stride like we're playing well now. He was like, 'If you and [James] Posey were still playing, I would come.' But he said, 'But y'all are coaching and y'all are going through what you're going through.' He said, 'Ah, I'm going to sit this one out.' I said, 'OK. We'll call you next year.'"

Cleveland ended up signing a veteran big man in Andrew Bogut just after the trade deadline, but he suffered a season ending injury during the first minute of his Cavs debut. After a tumultuous month of March, Cleveland has caught their stride without him.

As for KG, he's happily hosting the "Area 21" show where his guests include guys like Ludacris, Jason Williams, Rasheed Wallace, and most recently, 2 Chainz.