LeBron James revered his former coach Tyronn Lue. The only issue was he was always more inclined to refer to him as a partner rather than a coach. Since LeBron's departure to Los Angeles, the wheels have come off the wagon in Cleveland, as reflected by their 0-6 record to start the 2018-2019 season. The plan is to bump assistant Larry Drew up to an interim head coaching position while Dan Gilbert susses out his options. Lue addressed his dismissal this afternoon.

"My time here in Cleveland was truly special," Lue said in a statement issued to sports journalist Marc J. Spears.

"I am very grateful for the dedication, sacrifice, and support of all the players on our team, the tremendous coaches I worked with and of course, our incredible fans. Lastly, deep thanks to Dan Gilbert, David Griffin and Koby Altman for the opportunity over the last three years and I only wish the organization success moving forward."

ESPN reports that Larry Drew might push for a permanent position as he negotiates the terms to his revised contract. When Lue missed unable to report to duty last season due to an illness, Larry Drew commandeered the team to a respectable 8-1 record, mind you that was with LeBron calling the plays the least bit indiscriminately from his high chair in the council.