The reigning UFC Welterweight champ Tyron Woodley is 6 weeks away from gaining the medical clearance he needs to fight again. He shared the news with TMZ Sports in a segment that aired this morning.

Woodley and his co-host spoke about a number of issues relating to the fight game, including a rumor circulating that Dana White wants to trade flyweight Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson to another promotion. In exchange for the former flyweight champ, the UFC would obtain Ben Askren, who currently fights in Bellator in the very same weight class as Tyron Woodley, interestingly enough. But the reigning UFC champ doesn't see a matchup with Askren materializing any time soon. Woodley is more inclined to moonlight as a boxer and chase a payday with Canelo Alvarez, if at all possible.

Woodley and his co-host touched on Dana White's criticism of CM Punk for a just moment, which in turn elicited a discussion about Logan Paul's marketability as a fighter. The YouTube vlogger recently leveraged his popularity as a media person to sell a PPV boxing match against a fellow YouTuber from the UK. While the PPV wasn't remotely a masterclass performance for either participant, it did prove that Paul is competent enough (in the ring) to sell a fight.

Tyron Woodley wholeheartedly believes that Logan Paul will one day ply his trade in the UFC, with the proper training. Dana White is too savvy a businessman to pass up a good deal, famously defying his own edict to create multiple women's divisions after Ronda Rousey pushed herself up the hierarchical ladder.