Tyron Woodley was favored to defeat Gilbert Burns last night at UFC Fight Night although it didn't exactly work out that way. Woodley was dominated by Burns for five rounds and eventually lost via unanimous decision. The scorecards weren't very close and this loss marks a second-straight defeat for the former Welterweight champ. 

Following the fight, Woodley took to social media where he addressed his fans and seemed to be in good spirits. As he explained, the fight left him out of sync from the start and that he just couldn't get any consistency.

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Per Woodley:

"He kicked me in my damn leg and then ever since then that thing was just not right. I could not get a rhythm going. So injury wise I think I am fine. I’ve got a nice little cut that you can’t see because I’ve got the best plastic surgeon dude on earth Dr. Greg, who hooked me up with some stitches. So I got like 3,000 stitches in my eye. Because that thing was split wide open. But yea my leg, that motherf—r look like I got a watermelon inside my skin. So I just wanted to come and face you guys. I don’t understand all of this, but I just know that I have to trust God."

It remains to be seen what's next for the UFC star although when it comes to Burns, it seems as though he is on a big hot streak and could be the next big contender.