Tyrese has put his life on display for the past few weeks, turning this apparent low point in a his life into a spectacle of sorts. We've seen him breakdown on camera and exhibit his most vulnerable side. His actions have turned his name into a punchline but it's revealed more about his current mental state. After going to court today, his ex-wife reportedly had a request for the court. 

Tyrese's ex-wife has reportedly asked the court to hold a mental evaluation for the entertainer, TMZ reports. They report that her lawyer, Aleen Khanjian, demanded the judge to have Tyrese undergo a mental evaluation. Her attorney refers to the slew of strange videos that Tyrese has posted in the midst of the custody battle in along with the banner he flew over his daughter's school that read, "No Matter What, Daddy Loves You Shayla." Along with that, her lawyer also alluded to the entertainer having a mental illness. As of right now, his ex-wife is currently seeking to place a permanent restraining order on Tyrese. She also said that he's violated the temporary restraining order after he posted several videos on social media speaking about his daughter. It's a stick situation and there's no say what he'll end up doing. The judge has yet to put Tyrese under a mental evaluation.

It was reported yesterday that Tyrese may have to end up representing himself in court after his previous attorney dropped out of the case.  In addition to that, Tyrese recently blamed his psych meds for his several public meltdowns he had on social media.

Along with the issues in court, it was reported last week that he skipped out on a visitation day he had with his daughter. The singer reportedly had two chances to see his daughter but on November 9th, the day he was supposed to have with his daughter, he posted a picture on Instagram revealing that he's headed to Abu Dhabi to "take a much needed break from America and the blogs."