How much would you pay for a famous person's sperm? It isn't a question that many people think of...ever...but it recently crossed Tyrese's mind. The multihyphenate actor shared a video to his Instagram page where he questioned women about whether or not they would pay millions of dollars to own the sperm of a famous man they admired.

 Tyrese, Sperm, Tupac, Sperm Bank, Paul Walker
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

"If you found out that rest in peace Tupac or Paul Walker left sperm in the sperm bank, what would you do?" the actor asked. He then went on to say that in horse racing, the sperm of Triple Crown-winning horses are sold for upwards of $3 million in hopes of breeding another trophy-earning animal. Tyrese seemed to question if would spend that much to procreate with the sperm of talented dead entertainers.

"I said to my wife, if you decide you don't want to have my kids if anything ever happened to me, God forbid, I don't plan on dying anytime soon," said Tyrese. "If I tell my wife here are my kids I left for you, please. I want more sons, more daughters, I want to just keep my legacy alive. Please... If she says no, if Tyrese's kids in the sperm bank [are] for sale *laughs*. I know this sh*t is twisted as hell, but I just wanted y'all to think about it!"

Check it out below.