Tyrese Gibson is still dealing with some court issues with his ex-wife Norma who has the actor paying for all childcare expenses for their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla. According to TMZ, Tyrese doesn't want to send over another dime unless Norma can show receipts and prove where the money is going. 

The childcare expenses are said to be $25 an hour and according to Tyrese, Norma has not proved she is working or even employed so he doesn't need to be paying childcare. Furthermore, he claims there is no proof of whether she's really paying the $25 an hour for childcare or has a professional taking care of their daughter. He adds how he should not be accounted to pay for childcare for nights Norma wants to go for dinner without Shayla.

Apparently, the court never laid out any guidelines for when he has to reimburse his ex-wife or how many hours she can put on his tab. The Fast & Furious actor just wants proper proof of childcare and the guidelines modified.