Certain things are just meant to be kept off of social media, and this is very much one of those things. While Tyrese Gibson and his girlfriend Zelie Timothy likely intended to show off their love for one another by sharing this video on social media, the strategy was just too cringe-worthy for the world to ignore how strange it all was.

Over the weekend, Tyrese and his girlfriend Zelie spent some quality time together... and we're talking QUALITY time. On Zelie's Instagram story, she posted a video of herself with her legs up in the air as Tyrese grabbed a razor and shaved her pubic hair. "I will never ever let go of my King," she wrote on the video. "But does your man shave you though?"

During the clip, Tyrese unknowingly sticks his tongue out at parts and Zelie admits she had her mind on something else as she was getting shaved. She also clarified that she generally gets waxed down there but she won't turn down her man when he wants to take care of the job. "I get sugar waxed guys LOL," she explained after people started sending her messages about the video. "But I also have a man that loves to shave me. I don't get any razor bumps. My coochie is okay LOL. Thanks for wondering if it's ok."


Of all the things we didn't need to see this morning, this might be at the top of the list. Why do you think they posted this for the world to see? See what people are saying below.