In the past few weeks, things have been looking much better for Tyrese. The entertainer was going through hell publicly during his trial with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. While the case has since been settled and he received joint custody over Shayla, he recently explained why he got married to Norma in the first place.

In a recent interview with Hot 107.9 ATL on Ricky Smiley Morning Show, Tyrese explained his side of the story of the custody battle. While he mentioned that he didn't go to the show to slander her name, he did want to clarify what went on during the trial. On top of that, he revealed the reason why he married Norma Gibson in the first place. 

"Now I could say to [Norma], 'Listen. Norma, I love you. I appreciate you. I appreciate what we did. We had an angel but I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because I was happily married. You're from London. I married you because we had a baby on the way and I had to do whatever I had to do so that I'm not travelling all the way to London to spend quality time with my baby'," he said.

During the interview, he also claimed that Norma suffers from pathological enmeshment as well as parenting alienation. He said she attempted to mentally, emotionally and psychologically manipulate their kid into thinking the same way she did in order create a separation between Tyrese and Shayla. 

You could watch the interview below: