Tory Lanez has made it clear he wants smoke with everyone and anyone. After feuding with Joyner Lucas, Don Q and getting dissed by Dream Doll, the rapper might have another opponent ready for war. After clowning Tyrese on the latest snippet of music the singer previewed, Tyrese has responded, stating that he has a $50K wager on which one of them has a better album.

As Tyrese works towards the completion of his forthcoming project, Identity Theft, he's been previewing some new tunes to build the anticipation. Earlier today, he previewed a new song on Instagram which prompted a response from Tory. 

"Tyrese, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, son," he said while laughing. "Yo, son, calm down. Calm down, you about to be under investigation."

Tyrese caught wind of the post and offered to place a bet on who has the better album. "Full album smoke!!!!! 50k on your head!!! In or nah???" he wrote on his Instagram story.

This isn't the first time Tory's clowned Tyrese. In the aftermath of Jacquees' "King Of R&B" claim, Tory defended the Cash Money singer after Tyrese refuted Jacquees claims.

"The last time I seen Tyrese, the n***a was beefin' with The Rock and he was putting out a rap album," he said. "Now, you wanna come over hear, talkin' 'bout some R&B to the young n***as. Stop that shit, my n***a."