Another day, another social media rant from the one and only Tyrese.

The actor and R&B artist is no stranger to lobbing some controversial comments into the pop culture conversation via social media, and last night was no exception. Reposting a photo of what some might describe as a decidedly "new wave" haircut on a rapper, Tyrese took this act as a blasphemous one, expressing his discontent with the new image of the rap game in the caption alongside. 

"Who’s responsible for n****s getting a pass for letting this s**t go down in hip hop?" he asked. "How did the OG’s in this game let this go? This is the new image of hip hop ..? Why is this ok..??" The joke might be on Tyrese though, since many people in the comments section let the Fast & Furious cast member know that the haircut was photoshopped onto the image's subject. Nevertheless, he continued by circling things back to his upcoming album, which he believes will be absolutely vital to the culture.

"Here’s my message to Ice Cube, Easy E, Busta Rhymes, Tupac, Snoop, Kurupt, B.I.G 
Dr Dre and Run-DMC, Lil KiM [and others]," he added. "I vow to HONOR the culture and disrespect it on any level with what I’m about to do with this #IDentityTheftAlbum. This new album is inspired by Jay-Z My motto is #IDentityTheftDoubleAlbum is Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and Sonically Dre’s Ears [...] I came here this album will change #HipHop save this post....... #IDidThisForTheCulture#LaughNowDickRideLater." Speaking of his new project, Tyrese shared more thoughts about it yesterday in another Instagram post. "I know your first instincts is to say GTFOH put me in the ( Singer and Actor box and throw away the key )...but you will see folks very very soon that this rap album is far from play play," he said. "#BlackTy I came here this album will change #HipHop save this post." While there's no additional information about the LP circulating right now, we do know that Future seems to be involved with this material in some capacity.

What do you think? Tyrese about to save hip-hop's image or nah? Let us know in the comments.