Tyrese Gibson makes a return to the big screen through an up-and-coming Screen Gems entitled Black and Blue. The movie is meant to shine a light on all that may go wrong when a rookie cop steps into a situation naively. Black and Blue is quite fast-paced and belongs to the category of the action thriller. The movie stars Naomie Harris as the rookie cop who captures the murder of a young drug dealer through her body cam. After quickly realizing that the murder resulted from the actions of crooked and corrupt cops, her character will team up with with the only individual she can trust in the community and who is willing to help her---Tyrese Gibson's character. As Harris' character attempts to escape both the criminals out for the revenge of the deceased drug dealer, she must also deal with the crooked police officers who are absolutely desperate to destroy the incriminating footage in her possession. 

Along with Gibson and Harris, the movie also features Frank Grillo, Mike Colter, Nafessa Williams and many more. The trailer previews the numerous tough choices Naomie Harris's character will face. The movie has not had an official release date as of yet, but it looks promising.