It's been a minute since we've heard from Tyrese Gibson. The Fast & Furious actor welcomed his second child back in October with Samantha Lee Gibson that seemingly took over all the negative headlines that surrounded his custody battle with his first wife Norma and their daughter Shayla. The last we heard about the actor was that he wanted his ex-wife to prove her expenses before he sends over another dime for childcare. 

Since we're in a whole new year, Tyrese is seemingly on a whole other level and in pure joy with his baby girl Soraya. The Baby Boy actor has been sharing cute videos and photos of his daughter and the latest one sees him posted up with his mini look alike. "No big deal just here with my twin!!!! #BlackFatherGang," he captioned the photo.

Tyrese celebrated his 40th birthday on December 30th that inspired him to share a few words on how he's feeling enter his 40s.

"Already feeling the life-changing effects of 40! An overwhelming sense of calm and fully embracing these non-confrontational vibes...... A level of embracing the comforts of simply being in my own skin," he wrote. "Just wanted to check in with some positive vibes and love........ I’m gone y’all somewhere in outer space looking at you guys through my small window on earth I will be back soon............ I fully embrace the energy and welcome change on 1.11 - God is the greatest!!!!!!"