The Fast And The Furious movies have always had their fair share of drama between characters, and there seems to be a curious case of art imitating life. Recently, a beef of sorts has kicked off between Fast stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tyrese Gibson, with the latter voicing much of the public animosity. It all started when The Rock's Fast And The Furious spin-off was slated for a 2019 release, which ended up pushing back the Fast 9 release date to 2020.

Tyrese was quick to place much of the blame on Johnson himself, accusing him of being selfish and hijacking all the focus.  However, The Rock was also quick to throw a few shots of his own, reminding Tyrese that "big dogs eat." Now, Tyrese clapped back with yet another shot, posting an old video in which The Rock essentially ripped into Tyrese's "Black Rose" albums, calling it "dogshit." Repeatedly. However, the context of the video is missing, and there's a good chance that The Rock was being sarcastic during the time it was initially filmed. Despite that, the fact that Tyrese bothered to upload the video in the first place shows that he feels some type of way about Johnson's comments, whether they were initially meant to be satirical or otherwise.

In the caption, Tyrese calls The Rock a "hater," and refers to his project as one of the best RNB slash soul albums of all time. Ultimately, it's a strange move from Gibson, but he's clearly upset about the way this whole thing played out, so there's no telling where he'll go next. Meanwhile, The Rock has remained largely silent, save for the aforementioned subliminal, and it doesn't seem like he'll speak out on this anytime soon.

As it stands, it's looking like Fast 9 is on the fast lane toward a rocky and uncomfortable shoot. On the plus side, there's plenty of time to let cooler heads prevail.