Like it or not, the effects of substance abuse have only become more prevalent in hip-hop culture in recent years. More potent types of drugs, sometimes combined with alcohol, can have a devastating effect on the body of whomever consumes them. It may be part of the genre's dangerous that can be so tantalizing to some and even romanticized by others, but the fact remains that some emcees, young and old, might be putting their well-beings on the line as a result. Take Lil Wayne for example, a veteran of the game whose lean usage was rumored to be the cause of the recent seizures that saw him rushed out of his hotel room and too the hospital. Now, actor and R&B singer Tyrese is sounding off on the overuse of the substances in the hip-hop community and how he's always stayed away from those sorts of illicit temptations.

Commenting on a picture of young rapper XXXTentacion on Instagram, Tyrese makes his stance clear on the rampant drug use and drinking habits of not just the embattled Florida emcee, but anyone who overreaches where their limits are concerned. "When you look in the mirror after drinking and smoking and popping every pill they tell you to pop from these hip hop songs - my whole life I've proudly always said #NoToDrugs," wrote the Fast and Furious franchise star, underneath a picture of XXXTentacion that looks, to put it mildly, more than a little unhealthy. Severely bloodshot eyes and a stunted, blank look on his face depict a man who may have bitten off more then he can chew when it comes to ingesting foreign substances. There's no indication on whether this image is 100 percent raw and unedited, but even if there were some tweaks made to the photo, it still paints a scary picture of drug use and how inextricably it is tied to the hip-hop landscape.

Tyrese isn't totally clean when it comes to his regrettable moments either though, after his former wife filed a restraining order against the 38-year-old for supposedly physically abusing both her and their daughter. The singer took to social media after to share his side of the story, claiming his ex was just "bitter" about their relationship and how it ended.