Tyrese, perhaps initially known to most as one of the stars of the Fast & Furious franchise, has since become more known for his recent meltdown whilst dealing with a messy custody battle over his daughter Shayla with his ex-wife. One video in particular, which featured Tyrese balling his eyes out as he begged for some support in the fight to get his child back, was scorned by many on social media, who thought he's be better off just taking the "L" but, in a couple of response videos today, Tyrese assured the public that he'd do no such thing.

In the first of two videos that he uploaded to his Instagram page, Tyrese began by letting the haters know he won't be going quietly. "I want to send a quick little message to everybody out there in the world saying, 'Dude, just shut up'," he said. He goes on to say that, because of his ex-wife's peddling of supposedly baseless accusations, an estimated $25-30 million worth of opportunities, in terms of acting or producing movie projects or even just investment opportunities as an entrepreneur, have been squandered and not because he did anything wrong.

"There are some folks out here who are just, 'Take a L, take a f**ked up reputation'," he added. "Listen man, I shut my mouth for 10 f**king years, 10 years, and just took it. So now, I'm speaking out. I'm gonna get over it soon, but for right now, I'm gonna defend myself." Tyrese has also chalked up his previously erratic behavior to some psych meds that he was advised to take by a third party. As of this writing, there has been no official comment by his ex-wife on these claims, nor has there been a response from her legal team.

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