Back in 2000, before Lindsay Lohan somewhat derailed her career, the young actress starred in Life-Size. The Disney film told the story of Lohan, a young girl who needed a little bit of guidance. She receives the direction she needs from Tyra Banks, who played a doll named Eve that comes to life. Lohan's character is grieving her mother's death in the film, and uses a magic spell to bring her back to life. Due to a mix-up, Banks' doll comes to life instead. 

As expected, the Disney film is a heartfelt fish-out-of-water story that helped launch Lohan's acting career. Now, 18 years later, Banks is set to reprise her role as Eve. Lohan will not be returning to the film, and Vulture is reporting that Francia Raisa will take her place. Raisa, who famously donated her kidney to Selena Gomez, will play the CEO of Marathon Toys, which manufactures the Eve doll. Eve will somehow come back to life and assist Raisa as she goes through a life crisis trying to maintain the company. Life-Size 2 will premiere on Freeform during their “25 Days of Christmas” special during the holidays. Banks took to Instagram to post a picture with Raisa, and announce the new film.