After hosting Dancing With The Stars, Tyra Banks wanted to have a motivational moment with her TikTok fans. The former supermodel has resurfaced on television screens as the host of the popular twinkle-toes series, and she used one of their themed nights to give high praise to Nicki Minaj. In a short video shared to her TikTok page, Tyra spoke about why people need to use the Queen rapper as a person to look up to when they're feeling insecure about themselves.

Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Dancing With The Stars
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

"Dancing With The Stars. Tonight the theme was music icons and I embodied J. Lo, paid an homage to her, and Nicki Minaj," said Banks, who was dressed up in a pink wig. "It got me thinking, like, sometimes, we feel crappy. We don't feel great. And sometimes we don't feel great because we're great and people are threatened by that. And I think about wonderful performers like Nicki Minaj. She's amazing. She's fantastic. And she's unapologetic. So channel some of that Nicki [umph] next time you're not feeling so great. Sometimes people are threatened by greatness and they better recognize how great you are."

Barbz took to social media to share images of Tyra as Nicki and said this further solidified the rapper's "icon" status. Check out Tyra Banks below.


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