Tyra Banks has appointed herself the unofficial arbitrator if ever Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were to enter peace talks, hypothetically speaking. TMZ jumped at the chance to pull her into the feud when they caught her mingling with fans on the New York streets. First, they asked, "Tyra, would you ever consider dropping a rap album," to which she responded "I did, I already did," owing to the puzzled expression on her face.

It turns out Tyra Banks was only partially twisting TMZ's arm. Although she doesn't have a full-length album to her name, Tyra did just come out with her "Be a Star" remix, her answer to all the infighting in the rap game Today - Oh Tyra!

 Shortly after setting the record straight with TMZ, the TV star-model declared herself Tyra B, a rap moniker with fairly obvious implications. Judging by her "Be a Star" remix, you get a sense that her stylistic choices are very much inspired by reigning Queen of the Bronx. Before setting it out the World, Tyra stood on neutral grounds in stating that "Be a Star" was inspired by Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, all the same. Are you here for another Tyra turn-up record, comment below?