At the top of the month, Tyra Banks stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about her upcoming Life Size 2 movie and her book while also managing to spit a freestyle she wrote back when she was in the 9th grade, struggling in algebra class. : “I'm 34A, but that's okay, 'cause the rest of my body is just touche/I'm 5'9', I look so fine/Yes, all of my fellas are so divine," she rapped over Busta Rhymes' "Touch It." 

After getting a lot of love online with people chanting her on for having bars, the former supermodel is still riding her freestyle wave since performing her little skit while hosting the Altus Foundation Gala in Houston this past weekend. In the video below you can see Tyra circling the stage while laying down her lyrics for the audience. She got quite the applause from the crowd, which means Tyra may continue with her party trick. 

Tyra recently (humbly) responded to Winnie Harlow's claims that America's Next Top Model did nothing for her career. "Did she say that," Tyra asked Andy Cohen. "I discovered her on Instagram. Well, come on, I discovered her on Instagram. And she’s on the show, so what do you think that means?"