Which of these is a member of the Hip Hop group Odd Future, and NOT the character of a children's show?

A.) Dora the Explorer

B.) Tyler, the Creator

C.) Thomas the Tank Engine

D.) Bob the Builder

The answer would be laughably obvious to the average rap fan, but it earned a contestant on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire $25,000 earlier today. The show (which apparently airs during the day now) was caught by a couple of OF fans, who made sure to screencap the hilarious question (view it in the gallery above).

Apparently, the woman-- though not of typical Odd Future fan age --was able to answer correctly, revealing that she knew who the controversial rapper was. With that being said, she probably didn't grab a copy of his new album, Cherry Bomb, which dropped earlier this week.

We know you could answer the question correctly, but could your mom? How about your grandma? Let us know in the comments below.