In an interview with Dazed, Tyler, The Creator opens up about feeling left out, and not getting the credit he deserves when it comes to influencing and shifting the culture. 

“I’m always left out of stuff,” he says, “like everyone is doing pop-up shops now; I was doing that in 2011. I’d never get a mention for it or anything. When everyone was putting cats on tie dye shirts in 2013, I was doing that in 2011. No one was saying anything, then, I bet you’re gonna start seeing – I mean it’s already happening – kids wearing these flooded pants. That has been a look, but I’ll never, ever be respected in that world for it. It’s not my ego, you could just look and be like, ‘Oh!’ and I’ll just never, ever be looked at as (an originator) and it’s a bummer.”

“I rapped about what I really liked, and to me Supreme, and Peg Leg, and Billionaire Boys Club was the flyest shit to me," he continues, "I didn’t give a fuck about Gucci. I didn’t give a fuck about what everyone else was wearing. I didn’t want to wear no leather pants or Givenchy dog shirt, I thought my fucking Supreme hat and my fucking tie dye tee and my cut-off shirts and my fucking Vans were the fucking flyest shit and you couldn't tell me nothing.”

Tyler is undoubtedly a massive creative and has been influencing fashion, music and the youth for some time now. Fans are anticipating the release of a full length project Scum Fuck Flower Boy on July 21st.