Tyler, The Creator got himself into a pretty terrifying car accident earlier today in Los Angeles. The rapper completely totaled his Tesla Model X after crashing into a parked car. Thankfully, he made it out without any harm and it looks like Elon Musk deserves the credit for it.

Tyler, The Creator issued a statement earlier today following his car crash in Los Angeles. The rapper shared a selfie on his Instagram Story explaining what exactly happened. He revealed that he was exhausted when he was driving his car and ended up falling asleep at the wheel which ultimately caused him to crash his vehicle.

"My big doopy ass usually go to sleep at 10:30 (I wake up at 7 er morn) and guess who wanted to finish music super late and dosed off for a few seconds while driving home," he wrote. "Im a dumb ass bitch but lil mama dont have a scratch im lucky. I calmly jumped out the back and called the people. Thanks Elon for the excessive airbags u a qt."

After sharing the post, he posted a picture of his bicycle wheel with a burger on it and wrote, "back to these chords and strings and me private lyfe yus yus holla." He also reminded fans that the Golf x Suicoke collaboration is dropping this weekend.