We knew Tyler and his Odd Future fans were wild, but damn. Last week Tyler, The Creator was set to perform with Flying Lotus at a L.A. club when police were called to the scene due to various disruptions of fans who could not get in.

According to CBS Los Angeles, riot police were called after the crowd outside the venue became unruly, and began throwing rocks and bottles in protest at not being able to get into the small venue Tyler performed at, which only had capacity for 140 people.

Video (shown below) has surfaced via Reddit of Tyler attempting to calm down the agitated mob, even going as far as to call out the LAPD in the process. He spoke into the police mic:

“Listen, I’m sorry all you guys could not get in, but you already know how Los Angeles cops are, they’re assholes.”

While Tyler eventually got back on the mic, he was unable to defuse tension, and the show was ultimately canceled. It’s a shame because Tyler puts on one helluva show. No arrests were made.

Check out clips from the evening below. Photo's can also be scene in the gallery above.