Every two years without fail, Tyler, The Creator blesses his fans with a new album. It's become a trend in the hip-hop superstar's career, pushing himself to elevate his artistry with creative displays of his originality and fearlessness. For the last few weeks, Tyler has been cryptically teasing his new music, launching a toll-free hotline that played a song snippet when you called the number. On Wednesday, the 30-year-old rapper officially kicked off his post-IGOR chapter with the release of his new single "LUMBERJACK." One day later, he's officially sharing the release date for his next album, titled Call Me If You Get Lost.

Seemingly announcing that the album will be released on June 25, Tyler shared an identification card with his picture, writing in the album's release date. He also posted a painting of himself in a Wes Anderson-like landscape, holding two briefcases in his hands. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If the new album is anything like Tyler's latest single, we can expect a different side of the artist -- one that we possibly haven't seen before. The DJ Drama-curated new track draws inspiration from the Odd Future days when Tyler was rapping more aggressively, but it also has a strong mixtape feel that might feature the artist in a different bag than usual.

What do you want out of Tyler's new album Call Me If You Get Lost?