Tyler, The Creator's new album, Cherry Bomb, is a bit of a divisive LP, but the one record that people seem to be agreeing on is the Kanye West and Lil Wayne collaboration, "Smuckers".

Not only are the performances top notch, the instrumental is also quite an achievement, which makes sense, as it was apparently intended to be given to Jay Z and Kanye.

“They were going to use it, but I kind of took it back," Tyler told Billboard. "I was trying to make horn sections and drum kicks that sound epic. The second half is this jazz ensemble. I'm like, 'Oh my God, this is fucking amazing. Lil Wayne would sound so good over this.' I sent Wayne a reference of what I was going to put, and he sent me the verse back. I legit was about to cry.”

According to Tyler, Ye was inspired to go harder once he heard the other verses on the record. “I played it for 'Ye at his house literally four days before the album was due, said Tyler. "He was like, 'OK, I got to step my bars up. Y'all niggas is spitting.' It was such a sick thing to know that me and Wayne had to put 'Ye back on his feet."

You can read the full interview here.