Last week, Tyler, the Creator surprised us all by announcing that his new album, Cherry Bomb, would be out in less than a week. Last night, before going on stage at Coachella, Odd Future's head honcho gave us the tracklist, further amplifying our excitement around the surprise release.

Cherry Bomb will feature 13 tracks, with some especially nasty song titles--even by Tyler's standards, such as "Blow My Load" and "The Brown Stains". We already heard "FUCKING YOUNG", though the second suite of the initial recording, "PERFECT", is not listed on the tracklist. The other track we heard, "DEATHCAMP", will be the LP's opener.

We don't see any features on Tyler's Instagrammed tracklist, though we know the album will feature Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q, Pharrell, and more. Kanye and Wayne are listed on the iTunes credits for "Smuckers", so look out for track #11 when the album drops.

Listen back to "FUCKING YOUNG / PERFECT" and "DEATHCAMP", and check out the tracklist below.  

Tyler just confirmed that Cherry Bomb will drop at 9pm tonight (April 12). Save a puppy and purchase the album on iTunes

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