This past week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iWatch at a highly-hyped conference in Cupertino, CA. But perhaps the biggest news story to emerge from the event was U2's surprise arrival to perform new material, announce a new album, and (surely the strangest part) inform iTunes users that the album was, at that very moment, in their libraries, free of charge. Many people (myself included) took to Twitter to air out their shock at having an unwanted album forcibly inserted into their iTunes libraries, and among them was Tyler, the Creator.

The Odd Future frontman, famously anti-establishment and prone to poke fun at nearly anything, pretty much took the cake as far as U2 responses went with his hilarious Twitter rant, in which he lashed out at Bono, the band's frontman, and compared the album to a "pimple" or a "herpe." Read it below.