Back in 2018, Eminem faced controversy for a diss directed at Tyler, The Creator on his track “Fall” off Kamikaze. Em rapped, “Tyler create nothing, I see why you call yourself a faggot, bitch.” The lines came after Tyler criticized Eminem, calling one of his new tracks “horrible.” Public outrage ensued, Justin Vernon (who is featured on the track) asked the line to be removed, but Tyler didn’t have much to say. In a newly released interview with Rebecca Nicholson of The Guardian, Tyler opened up about his reaction to the incident. 

“Did you ever hear me publicly say anything about that? Because I knew what the intent was. He felt pressured because people got offended for me. Don’t get offended for me. We were playing Grand Theft Auto when we heard that. We rewound it and were like: ‘Oh.’ And then kept playing,” he said.

Eminem eventually apologized for the bar saying “In my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it… It was one of the things that I kept going back to and going ‘I don’t feel right with this.”

Head over to The Guardian to read the rest of the interview with Tyler, The Creator.