We have likely all been to a concert where one self-important audience member felt the need to point out that it's their birthday, when literally no one cares. To think that an artist should pause their set to wish you a happy birthday and direct a whole room of people's attention towards you is just ludicrous. Sometimes, the artist will be kind enough to indulge this obnoxious fan by responding to their plea for recognition. This is what Tyler, The Creator did at a recent stop on his IGOR tour, but in typical Tyler fashion, he didn't let the bullshit slide. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, Tyler leads the crowd in a lively "Happy Birthday, F*ck You" chant. When the part of the tune comes around when the birthday wish is to be directed at a special someone, Tyler unloads in a single, scathing breath, "Happy birthday... random lady who thinks she's special so she tell a n**** while he playin' piano that it's her birthday like I give a f*ck." The fact that Tyler was in the midst of a passionate piano solo while the random lady interrupted his set makes the whole thing more infuriating, explaining Tyler's reaction. Hopefully, that taught her a lesson. Hope she had a lovely birthday being scolded by her favourite artist. 

Watch the awkward incident below.