As reported back in September, Tyler The Creator just kicked off a new animated TV show on Adult Swim last month called The Jellies, which happens to feature all new original music in each episode.

"I'd say 85 percent [of the music] is mine," Tyler told GQ in a new interview. "Everything [is] made specifically for the show. It's rare that I use anything old."

"[It's] a challenge for my music side," he says, explaining that writing music for television are making him come up with new sounds "It's like, 'Okay, I need to make a song that sounds like a mariachi band.' That forces me to learn new chords, new cadences, and new pockets, just so I can make the music that fits in a 10- or 15-second scene.”

However, not everyone is aware of the Adult Swim show The Jellies, and many fans are missing out on the opportunity to hear new music from the Odd Future artist, which he says some of which is in the form of fully developed "real songs.” So thankfully, Tyler says he’s putting together a Jellies soundtrack together for the fans.

"Oh, of course! It's so much music.” Tyler says when asked if we’ll get a soundtrack for the show. “It's real scores too, like the intro is a real two-minute song, "Pop Yo Coochie" is like a real song. A lot of these things are real songs that do exist. One hundred percent you're going to hear some more.”

Tyler didn’t inform us anything else about the soundtrack and music, like when we might to expect hear it, but at least we know we’re getting one.

This story comes just a couple months after Tyler spilled some news about his latest single “See You Again” with Kali Uchis. According to Tyler, he wrote that song for Zayn, but he flaked on him a couple of times, ultimately leaving it for Tyler to use and capitalize off of.

Read more about the Jellies & its original music in Tyler’s new interview with GQ right here.