A few days after the release of his fifth studio album, IGOR, Tyler, The Creator performed the 40-minute album in full at intimate concert in Los Angeles. Apple Music hosted the event and live-streamed it that night, but it has just been made available to stream track by track or all at once. 

In front of a silver glitter curtain, Tyler flails around the stage dressed as his Igor persona, donning a powder blue suit (with no shirt underneath) and a bleached blond bowl cut wig. Tyler is always one to try to execute a specific vision he has in mind and you can tell by the way this concert is shot that it was meant to conform to his direction. There's a grainy, blue-tinged aesthetic and weird camera angles that make the video a fascinating watch. He also pauses several times between songs to provide his fans with some backstory regarding how the songs came to be. For example, he shares that "EARFQUAKE" was birthed out of his desire to write pop songs, and he ended up keeping it for his record after both Justin Bieber and Rihanna turned it down. 

If you like what you see here, you can catch Igor in your city. Tyler embarks on a tour with Blood Orange, Jaden Smith and Goldlink very soon.