Tyler The Creator is, as he describes it, on his "rap shit." For those who enjoyed that particular side of the nuanced Flower Boy rapper, this bodes well. One listen to his recent drop "Okra" reveals that Tyler is more than capable with holding his own against the game's current greats; even the visual is a testament to his creative brilliance.  While the mere fact that Tyler seems to be revisiting a more "rap" based direction is an exciting prospect, it would appear that some have already begun drawing comparisons to G.O.O.D. Music's Valee.

Coming off the drop of his own GOOD Job, You Found ME EP, Chicago's Valee has turned heads with his off-kilter flow and unconventional style. A Kanye co-sign is seldom a bad look either. Suffice it to say, Valee's latest drop appeared to make an impression on Tyler, who came through with a particularly Valee-esque flow. Upon hearing "Okra," Valee's manager Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive made a comparison between Tyler's flow and Valee's, tweeting out "dope to see how influential @valee's flows have become..."  In response, Josh Peas suggested a collaboration between Tyler and Valee, which prompted a reply from The Creator.

"I'm saying!" responded Tyler. "im on my rap shit lets run it haha." Granted, these manners of exchanges occur all the time. It has yet to be seen if anything will come to fruition. Still, we can only hope.