Tyler, The Creator is one of the most fearless artists of our generation. He is truly unafraid of what the public will think of his moves, going forward with his innovative ideas for the sake of art. His new album IGOR is being hailed as a masterpiece and although it didn't hit with everybody, it's still sitting near the top of Tyler's discography. He's always been pushing boundaries in the world of music and he's even constantly pushing away social norms. There's no secret that hip-hop is predominantly composed of male artists and though that's changing now, there is a perpetual competition to see who can be more alpha. Tyler doesn't conform to that battle. Instead, he let the world believe he was in a romantic relationship with Jaden Smith for weeks. Now, he appears to have moved on and is going for someone a little older: Drake.

Timothy Hiatt/WireImage/Getty Images

For all we know, Tyler, The Creator is happy at home with a loving girlfriend and cats and dogs or whatever else he's into. The artist has hinted at being sexually fluid in the past though and according to AllHipHop, his latest conquest was revealed via an Instagram comment. When Drake slid into Tyler's comments with gold medal emojis, the former Odd Future frontman hit him with an unusual request. It took five days to respond but Tyler's revealed his true intentions quickly by writing: "send nudes bro."

It would appear Jaden is officially out of the picture. Drake likely didn't come through but you never know.