Any hip-hop fan of a certain age -- especially those in their early thirties and late twenties -- will likely remember the peak run of 50 Cent and G-Unit. Not only will they remember it, but respect it as one of the rap game's most dominant. At 29, Tyler, The Creator has no shortage of fond memories surrounding Fif, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo. He made sure to share some of said memories on Twitter this morning, taking a moment to fanboy over some of Fif and G-Unit's classic material.

Tyler, The Creator

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"g unit mixtapes were so hard mannnnn afta my chedda and youre not ready," tweets Tyler, following it up with an image of 50 Cent. "So much charisma and personality he was great. n**ga be like why didnt my fav rapper blow up prolly cause he has the personality of a chair n**gas be flat haha, curtis was such a magnet. Whats the 50 one over that hi tek and kwali beatt? the blast, found it."

After a brief stream-of-consciousness surrounding 50's rap game dominance, Tyler took a moment to reflect on how the mixtape of today has changed drastically from its predecessor. "Its wild its a whole generation who arent too familiar with the “ yo lets just rap over this beat we like” world damnnn im dusty," he marvels. "kids was like “ yo gucci man rapped over your orange juice track dude” hahahhahaha nah man we took his shit."

Check out the tweetstorm below, and show some love to Tyler in the comments below. Do you miss the mixtape he's referring to?