Tyler, The Creator is known for his shock tactics, but perhaps the most shocking thing he did this year was reveal that he had deniedKanye West a feature on "IFHY" after Yeezy asked to hop on the track.

Wolf Haley never fully explained why he didn't allow Kanye to drop a verse on the song, which seems strange, especially since he has spoken of how their friendship has grown over the last while. Fortunately, he now has an explanation for his actions, and it's an admirable one.

“It was just that I played him the album before it was finished and it was a song that he really, really liked on there and he really liked it a lot and he wanted to be on it or whatever. And the way I do features I specifically pick people for what they’re featured on. And that song, it was nowhere where creative-wise where I thought he would fit on there.” he said.

Tyler explained that he didn't want the denial to come off as anything other than a creative choice. “Kanye is one of the only few people in this industry that I consider a friend. I’ll probably talk to him once a week and we just—we both have a love for art and we hate a lot of the same stuff. So, I don’t want people to think that’s a diss or like a side hit when I said I denied him.” 

The OF rapper also revealed that he may want to put down the mic fairly soon. “Rap isn’t even my fuckin—I mean, I love it, but like that’s not what I really draw a lot of inspiration from at all…I’m just trying to invest in shit, so I don’t have to make music three years from now and I could be rich off of that. I am not kidding,” he said.

Watch the full interview below.