Tyler, The Creator's IGOR album is truly a masterpiece. The Flower Boy follow-up showcased just how Tyler has evolved as a true artist with the breakdowns, melodies, lyrics and so much more making for a fine project that will surely pull in all kinds of recognition come award season. Tyler has blessed his fans with a comprehensive breakdown of some of his most favourite moments on the tape from Solange's vocals, to certain bridges and "little sugar vocals" he tries to incorporate on every song.  

John Lamparski/Getty Images

"3:02 on GONE GONE. man, i mean, come on. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. it keeps slanting down. that feeling is, im not sure what that is. need a 4 minute version of just that," he wrote in one tweet, adding in another, "It's a chord at 5:20 on THANK YOU that feels like it comes outta nowhere that i fucking LOVE. it sounds like water to me. saturated clearwater blueish, a hint of yellow in it. i didnt wanna ruin it with vocals so i just left it mostly instrumental and keep my voice on the hook."

In another tweet he sends love to "the whole damn bridge" on "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE" showing love to Jessy Wilson and Solange.

Peep more of his honest expressions of his beloved album that prove just how fantastic of an ear Tyler has.