While the Odd Future collective seems to have, for the most part, gone their separate ways, the impact of their legacy can still be felt across the game. Spawning extensive careers for Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet, and more, Odd Future has proven to be one of the more influential crews in recent memory. Sadly, contemporary collaborations between the squad have become somewhat of a rarity, and a full-fledged mixtape is a pipe dream reserved for those fuelled by a fool's hope. Yet perhaps all is not lost. 

Last night, a mini Odd Future reunion occurred at the last Low End Theory show, bringing their arc full-circle; apparently, it was where they hosted their first show all those years ago. Before starting, Tyler took the stage for a preface, explaining the importance of the closing venue. "The first Odd Future show ever was in this place right here," he says. "I'll never forget that night, cause we were so hyped that people even showed up."

From that moment on, chaos ensued. Tyler took the stage alongside Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Syd, and more, performing some oldies for good measure. The night was capped off by an appearance from A$AP Rocky, who has been rolling with Tyler on a frequent basis. The news also bodes well for those on Earl-watch, keeping eye on the reclusive rapper's infrequent activities. Peep some of the footage below.