Tyler, The Creator is in the spirit of celebration as of now according to XXL reports. According to the news outlet, the woman behind the rapper's multiyear UK ban has now resigned. Precisely, the unexpected resignation of Theresa May hinted the former prime minister would be stepping down from her duties beginning June 7th. The dismissal came through this past Friday, May 24th. As such, Tyler was quick to post about the news on his social media. The "Yonkers" rapper stated: "Theresa gone, im back." And indeed, perhaps he is. 

Considering Tyler has released his new album, IGOR, we can expect a few tour dates across the pond. Tyler's initial ban stemmed from 2015 when Theresa May forbade him from entering the country. At the time, the rapper's lyrics were believed to be the root cause. The United Kingdom's political representative stated Tyler, The Creator's lyrics "encourage violence and intolerance of homosexuality" and "foster hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist act." The ban was set to span three to five years and it has since been lifted. Tyler then returned to the UK, but his concert was cancelled due to overwhelming concern with regards to rowdy fans. A make-up concert has been scheduled since then.