The evolution of Tyler, The Creator has been nothing short of exciting. Since his days of being a rambunctious youth causing havoc on the set of Jimmy Fallon, he's shifted the culture without compromising who he is. It's a rare feat for any rapper of his stature but it's a testament to his impact and vision.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though it was Bastard that helped cultivate the loyal and dedicated following that grew alongside Tyler in his career, it was Goblin that made him a household name. The debut album from Tyler, The Creator became one of the most praised albums of 2011. Fast forward 10 years and Tyler, The Creator is on a whole other level in his career. He hit social media today to reflect on the album's release a decade later. "you had to be there, the air was different," he tweeted. "yonk she troncat analog au79 das it dem still good."

He previously explained that he doesn't like that album as much as his fans do. In fact, he referred to it as "horrible" in a 2018 interview. He admitted that the aforementioned records are actually the few that he's fond of off of the album.

Regardless of his feelings towards the album, it cemented itself as an important body of work in his catalog. Check out Tyler, The Creator's tweets below.